On August 30th, Super Traveller will play an exclusive concert at the “Kerb” in Ober-Ramstadt. We are pleased to announce that this will be our first full concert on German Soil, so get ready for this! Anco and Matt will play an extra-long set, containing also some new work, which will be played live for the first time. Since this is a concert of “firsts”, this is surely not something you want to miss! The event is organized and presented by Narhalla Ober-Ramstadt ( https://de-de.facebook.com/Narrhallaverein/ ), entrance is free (!). Location: Hammermühle Hof, Hammergasse 9, Ober-Ramstadt, 20:00

our site is online…of course not much to show YET…but a lot is goin on behind the scenes!

Stay tuned for news, MUSIC, shows and more!

Super Traveller